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Hot Tubbing - Enjoy and enhance your quality family time!

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Important research shows that parents spend more quality time with their kids in their outdoor hot tubs, than those families without an hot tub.

Once you buy an outdoor spa, it may well become a central part of your lifestyle.
Your Backyard Focus
Your hot tub will become tub the central hub of the backyard. Even if you are not in the tub, it’s still a beautiful point of focus especially at night.

Outdoor hot tubs promote family entertainment, enjoyment and bonding. Often times, a husband and wife will invest in a hot tub for the prime reason of family togetherness. When mom and dad work full time, what a better way to encourage stress reduction with the whole family.  If the family is active and sports enthusiasts, an hot tub is an excellent choice to be supportive and of course recuperative.
Social Engagements
Nordic hot tubs are perfect for social engagements with family and friends. Before your hot tub, expect the kids to ask, "can we play at the neighbor's house?"  After purchasing a Nordic, you know where your kids are even when they are playing with the neighbors - in the back yard.

When the kids are in bed and tucked away for the night, the personal one-on-one time with your spouse brings you closer.

It’s a great routine before bedtime — guaranteed a good night’s sleep.